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Pupils in the picture as they scoop award for wildlife

Cornish Guardian 30/11/12

PUPILS at Mount Charles School got snap happy with a wildlife photographer as part of their prize for an award.

The children scooped first prize in the Kingfisher Award for a display about their visit to Kestle Farm.

KINGFISHER PRIZE:  Wildlife photographer Adrian Langdon giving Mount Charles School pupils a framed photo of a kingfisher with a bullhead fish.

KINGFISHER PRIZE: Wildlife photographer Adrian Langdon giving Mount Charles School pupils a framed photo of a kingfisher with a bullhead fish.

Part of the prize was a visit from renowned wildlife photographer Adrian Langdon on November 9th. He gave them top tips and the pupils were able to get hands-on snapping wildlife around the school.

"The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their morning and learnt a great deal about photography and wildlife," said deputy head teacher, Sean Simmons. Mr Langdon presented the school with a framed photograph of a kingfisher taken on the River Camel.


Adrian Langdon "International Judge" - It's Official!

Adrian is featured in his role of international natural history judge alongside judges from a all over Europe who judged images submitted as part of the Fotowettbewerb 2011 competition. Clearly a worthy ambassador representing natural history photography in the UK and deserving holder of the title "renommierten internationalen personen!" Well done Adrian.


Chris Curtis - Macro Specialist Makes

"Amateur Photographer" Magazine Feature

Chris Curtis has been wowing the club with a series of high speed images of droplet splashes since the beginning of this season and now his achievement has been celebrated in an article about the collection in WH Smith's Autumn edition of Amateur Photographer magazine. He says in the article in which includes images titled; Circle Splash, Splashdown for Alien and Bubble Splash, "What I love is the challenge of getting the shot I want."







Wadebridge CC "Best in Cornwall 2012" - It's Official!

Colab Trophy - Overall Winners

Firstly in the Digital Image results we had two Highly Commended Images from John Rogers & Jenni Cheesman
This was followed by John Evans-Jones winning the DPI section with 'Perspective gallery'. Further glory came when the same image won the Geoff Marshall cup for best Digital Image.
In the Print section, Highly Commended images were achieved first by John Rogers with Jeremy Northcott winning two.
Jenni Cheesman went a step further by winning the section with 'Garlic & Peppercorns', & then like John, achieved further distinction by winning the Abid Shah cup for best Colour print, wow!
It didn't stop there, John went on to win the President's Cup for best Creative Image, and to top it all Jenni won the Len Collings Shield with the overall winner, what a result!
On top of these individual winners, the club retained the Ken Farnell cup for best Print Portfolio and then went on to top the overall points scored and win the Colab Trophy, what a night!

John Rogers


Paul Mc Cullagh Makes WCPF 12 Gold!

Study in Elegance - Paul Mc Cullagh

Once again Paul has proved beyond doubt his ability to excel when up against the best of the Western Counties by getting a much coveted Gold Medal in the Colour print competition. We're really proud of him! He also got a HC and two more acceptances. Adrian had a Ribbon and 3 more acceptances, Jeremy had 2 HCs and 3 more acceptances, Mike P had 3 acceptances and Jenni a HC. All in all a great result for the club reaffirming a confident and successful presence in the Western region. Well done everyone!

Click here for the full WCPF 12 Results

Penry and Brian Make Bristol Salon Exhibition

Busker's Break - Penry

Congratulations to Penry who has achieved not one, but three acceptances in the Bristol Salon 2012 Exhibition. Busker's Break got a massive 18 points, with Tango in Buenos Aires and Dining Out in Bangkok completing the triple. He gets around does our Penry. Brian has also had an acceptance with Night in the Park which attracted a commendable 17 points. I'm sure we at the club are all proud and pleased to acknowledge the achievement of these stalwarts of high class photography.



Paul Mc Cullagh - Highly Commended @ Knightshayes!

Congratulations to Paul for achieving this excellent accolade from the WCPF's Knightshayes Trophy 2012 competition.


Charles Hosken - First, Best colour and Two HCs for WDCC Members!

Bob Wyatt - Aquilegia Seedhead

Well done John Rogers, Bob Wyatt and Anne Chapman for securing such good results at the Charles Hosken competition.


Wadebridge and District Camera Club


Wadebridge Library




12th March – 7th April

Open: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat (am)

9.30am – 5pm

A varied selection of recent work from the local Camera Club.


            WCC 9th Out of 50 Clubs in the WCPF DPIC       19/02/12

Well done to all who were entered and the selection committee for putting together such a strong overall club entry. Adrian should be especially congratulated on his Ribbon for "Bittern in Flight". It scored 15 which was one of only two 15s in the whole competition! Penry did well to get full marks from one of the three judges too.

The individual results were; 

      Wadebridge and District CC                       Total:     209       9th

146  Bittern in flight                                                                                            15               Ribbon

Adrian Langdon

496  Last Tango                                                                                                 12              

Penry Archer

196  Black Tailed Godwit                                                                                    12              

Adrian Langdon

696  Sedge Warbler                                                                                           12               

Jeremy Northcott

396  Kite surfer                                                                                                  12               

Adrian Langdon

446  Lady                                                                                                          11               

Jeremy Northcott

846  The Louvre                                                                                                 11               

John Evans Jones

596  Perspective gallery                                                                                     11               

John Evans Jones

046  Angry sea                                                                                                  11               

John Rogers

096  Bay view                                                                                                    11               

John Evans Jones

946  The Prisoner                                                                                               10               

John Rogers

896  The Old Smithy                                                                                           10               

John Rogers

546  morning gallop                                                                                           10               

Jane Pickles

796  Stalking Heron                                                                                            9                

Adrian Langdon

746  Silverback Jackal                                                                                       9                

Anne Chapman

996  Thistle                                                                                                        9                

Bob Wyatt

296  Cool Running                                                                                             9                

Brian Galbraith

646  Preparing the balloon                                                                                  9                

Anne Chapman

346  Discarded Lily                                                                                            8                

Jenni Cheesman

246  Charlestown                                                                                               8                

Giles Wilson


                The Kingswood Salver        12/11/11   

Twenty three clubs entered this year and our entry looked well up the general standard. The competition is for a panel of five prints, viewed together, by five different photographers.

The judge was Margaret Salisbury from North Wales, an internationally renowned speaker. During the morning, she gave a detailed and constructive assessment of each of the panels.

Her comments on the Wadebridge panel were that she was pleased to see a club being adventurous in their theme. She liked the quality of the printing and picked out the central image, by Penry Archer, for particular praise. Margaret also liked the image from Emma Wilson, especially the contrast between the soft and more graphic parts.

The winner of the Salver was Phoenix Group from Taunton, whose images were colourful and each very interesting. They were based on umbrellas in various shapes and arrangements, with lovely quality in each print.

In the afternoon Margaret gave a superb presentation of her own prints, with a great breadth of styles and subjects. She also showed work from a recent trip to a wedding in Ghana, where her interaction with the people gave the pictures a wonderful intimacy. 

Visit the wcpf website to see all the panels in the Kingswood Salver competition.



                      Celtic Challenge.               02/09/11

Although we (Cornwall) were 6th we were joint 3rd in the DPI's. John Rogers and Giles Wilson both received 20 for their images.  The judge said Giles' "In Repair" almost got best colour print so was second, although there are no official placings. Well done John and Giles.

          Mike Makes Maltese Exhibitions!    18/09/11

Trebarwith Dawn - Mike P

It's confirmed we are club which is having an increasing impact on European competitions. Mike Pettet has three images in the 5th and 6th Malta International Photographic Exhibitions 2010/11; "Tabby" (306 Colour), "Padstow Turnstone" (270 Nature) and "Trebarwith Dawn" (tb posted) which also won our own DPI of the Year last year.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to you Mike. you must surely go from strength to strength now with our best wishes . . . and a little jealousy.

If you want to check out Mike's images and all the others click here for Colour and here for Nature - believe me the standard is breathtaking.



               MPIX'11 Silver Successes and More!                08/09/11

The 2011 WCPF Members Projected Image Exhibition has been declared a winner by all who attended. We enjoyed much collective success as a club, with John EJ and Adrian taking special honours. Congratulations to everyone who took part, especially those who gained acceptances and to Brian our resident WCPF President who had a big role to play in setting up this inaugural show.

There were acceptances in the General section for Penry, Anne, Jenni, Mike P, Adrian and John EJ. In the Natural History section John EJ had both an acceptance and a very highly commended award whilst Adrian was close to the top with a Silver Medal. In the Creative section John R and Mike P gained acceptances while John EJ achieved not only an acceptance, but also a lofty Silver Medal.

                     Malcolm Kitto - Gold                Gill Cardy - Gold              Paula Graham - Gold


                   RPS/NARAVA 2011 - Honours for Adrian        31/08/11

As if gracing the cover of the regular Wild Life Trust magazine wasn't exciting enough Adrian's fantastic "Grey Heron Stalking" image has now gone on to be accepted by the RPS for the 2011 International Projected Image Exhibition

Ironically it was the only one of four images he entered in the Slovenia based International Contest of Digital Photography NARAVA 2011 not to be accepted for their exhibition. The other three were; "Little Egret", "Great Crested Grebes", "Kingfisher with Fish". It must be a "cultural" thing!

Congratulations Adrian on such a great achievement in the international photographic community. We're all very proud of you and I'm delighted to kick off the new season with early news of success. 

                      WCPF '11 Members Exhibition Accolade!          16/05/11

Ten acceptances in total including a silver medal and highly commended awards for John EJ (Silver), Adrian (2 x HC), Penry (HC), Linda, Brian, Paul McC and Delia. Wow - this is a fantastic result congratulations to all!

WCPF'11 full listing click here


            Paul and John EJ - London Salon '11 Success!       16/05/11

"Suddenly There She Was" has been accepted.  The full colour image is a development from a mono submission which was successful in WCPF some time ago.  It had a long gestation period. PMcC. John EJ has been successful with  'Bay View' but a different version from that in POY - it's 2 combined >180 degree panoramas. I've also heard that it's got a Silver Medal at Members' Exhibition.

Suddenly There She Was - Paul Mc Cullagh

Bay View - John E Jones


Best Print Portfolio @ CPA!    20/04/11

Wadebridge CC exhibited the best portfolio of prints in Cornwall at the CPA Annual Competition last night with many individual awards being made in the DPI category too! It was certainly a night to remember with Jenni coming Third in the DPI with Brimstone Butterfly. There were five Highly Commendeds including; Adrian (3!) Avocet and Chick, Bittern in Flight and Stalking Heron, Jane for Whitethroat and John EJ for Stilt Preening. I enjoyed only a short reprieve from my own dismal performance, I came bottom in the DPI with just 8 points, when I was first out of the jar for the raffle!

            Winning Double at Knightshayes!    12/03/11

The theme for the annual WCPF Knightshayes Trophy was "Missing" and although Penry Archer was himself missing from the awards ceremony, he was awarded Second Prize for his excellent image depicting a scene in which a child, who has been playing now appears to have gone missing from a garden where her toys and pram are left by the poolside from which the water is also missing. John EJ also gained a Highly Commended award for his stylish treatment of a couple who had clearly missed the last train. Well done both of you!


                        Winning Ways                06/03/11

During the past month, several members have achieved success with competition images.

Adrian Langdon’s ‘Great Crested Grebes’ was awarded a maximum 15 points in the Great British Cup, one of only three to achieve this out of thousands of entries.   Outstanding!

In the Western Counties DPIC, Bob Wyatt achieved a Highly Commended with his image of ‘ Aquilegia seedhead’, which was in the top 18 out of about 1000 images.

The recent CPA Charles Hosken competition produced two award winners, Mike Pettett and John Rogers, who both received Highly commended certificates, with ‘Tabby’ and ‘Bottle Top’ respectively.

                        Kingswood Salver Press Release        13/11/10

"Wadebridge Camera Club are so proud to have won this regional competition for the first time since it was first awarded 28 years ago. The Western Counties Photographic Federation includes all the clubs in the Westcountry. There were 20 clubs with entries this year. We’ve come third and enjoyed success with individual images over the years, but never won the overall competition which is for the best panel of five images by five different photographers.

 The judge Tom Dodd FRPS and member of the London Salon is from North Wales. He praised the club’s entry for the combined effect of the whole panel, the consistency of quality of the individual images and their superb print quality.

 Jeremy the club President who received the Salver on behalf of the members at the annual meeting in Clyst St Mary, Exeter, said he was delighted by the way the Wadebridge Club members had worked together so successfully to produce the winning panel.

 So if you’re interested and want to know more about photography why not take a look at the rest of our website by using the links at the top and bottom of this page, or better still come and join the best club in the west!”


Tulip - Jenni

Clematis - Paul McC

Still Life - Giles

Allium - Jeremy

Campion - John EJ